Join us in Paris for 3 days of meetings, conferences and networking with the French Industry
- a selection of 15 projects in development from all over the world
- 150 companies attending
- 500 one-to-one meetings organized


Please send an email to if you wish to register and book meetings

— Please note that we usually have more demands than available slots. Therefor we can not guarantee the meetings —

Discover the 12 projects selected to the 3rd edition:

« Afronauts » by Frances Bodomo produced by Nomadic Independence (USA)

« Blood-Drenched Beard » by Aly Muritiba produced by RT Features (Brazil)

« The Bus to Amerika » by Derya Durmaz produced by Mars Production (Turkey)

« Dark Lies the Island » by Ian Fitzgibbon produced by Grand Pictures (Ireland)

« God Exists, her Name is Petrunija » by Teona Strugar Mitevska produced by Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production (Macedonia)

« Golden Voices » by Evgeny Ruman produced by United Channel Movies (Israel)

« Prince » by Sebastian Muñoz produced by Niña Niño Films (Chile) and Le Tiro Films (Argentina)

« Remakable Things During a Killing » by Joko Anwar produced by Lo-Fi Flicks (Indonesia)

« When the Waves are Gone » by Lav Diaz produced by Epicmedia (The Philippines)

Projects selected as part of the Colombian Focus, organized in partnership with Proimagenes Colombia:

« Almost Never Too Late » by Alfonso Acosta produced by Cabecitanegra Producciones

« The Stone » by Rafael Martinez Moreno produced by Miramar Entertainment

« The Tailor » by Cesar Heredia produced by Corte Film, Tree House Film (Panama) and Diafragma (Colombia)


This year, we celebrate the Colombian film industry with 3 Colombian projects out of the 15 projects selected and a conference on French-Colombian co-productions, based on several recent case studies. A delegation of Colombian professionals will be part of the event.

Paris Coproduction Village is a development and financing platform, organized by Les Arcs European Film Festival team and taking place within the Champs-Elysées Film Festival Industry days. The event aims at encouraging European professionals to get involved in international coproductions.
15 international film projects suitable for French or European coproduction are presented to producers, sales agents, distributors, financiers and fund representatives. In addition, the 6 residents of the Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation are joining the projects selection. This platform complements the 5th edition of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival's Us-in-Progress programme, which screens 5 US feature films in late stage of post-production seeking sales representatives.
Participants benefit from one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings, networking events, as well as seminars taught by leading film industry professionals. Each year, Paris Coproduction Village organize near 600 meetings while participants from 200 companies (producers, sales agents and distributors) are attending the event.

Download the list of Paris Coproduction Village registered participants 2015

Paris Coproduction Village

The team

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, CEO
Jérémy Zelnik, Head of Industry
Alice Guilbaud, Coproduction Village Manager
Guillaume Calop, Les Arcs General Manager
Claire-Marine Pietriga, General coordinator
Clémentine Larroudé, Partnerships
Fabienne Silvestre-Bertoncini, Institutional Relations

Paris Coproduction VillageOrganisation : Révélations Culturelles
10 rue des Goncourt 75011 Paris, France
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